Long-Term Solutions for Back Pain

Dr. Rylan, with ChiroFamily, has been getting amazing results for individuals in the greater Sioux Falls area who have been dealing with back pain for a long period of time. His solution has been based heavily on patient education about what is causing their pain and how they can implement small changes in their daily lives alongside routine chiropractic care, to achieve a long-term solution for back pain!

Let’s take a look at what this process looks like in its entirety.

Through a complete physical, we first rule out any major health concerns or contraindications of being a chiropractic patient. Your health is our number one goal, that’s why this appointment usually takes about 40 minutes to complete. During this physical portion, we will ask many questions about what you’re experiencing. As we gain information from you, we use a series of orthopedic and neurological examinations to come to what we call our working diagnosis. From the list of working diagnoses, we then work to rule in or rule out each one. Accuracy in this step is vital for positive patient outcomes- our number one goal. After the physical is complete, we discuss our findings with you, talk about how we believe we can help, and also try to identify what may be causing your pain. If both parties agree, we move forward with the adjustment. The best part of patient education is helping patients help themselves. We give out some “homework” at our office because it’s vital to helping your body reeducate itself, extending the relief from the chiropractic adjustments you receive. Dr. Rylan specifically uses a series of exercises based on McKenzie Method (a functional assessment is usually incorporated in his portion of the physical. Care plans are talked about, but our main driver in how we develop your personalized care plan is your response to the first visit at our office. We go over this process more in depth at our office because not every case is the same. Your pain is coming from a variety of dysfunctions and true long-term relief doesn’t come from a magical source- it takes time and commitment.

Short-Term Relief for Back Pain

Pain is multifactorial, meaning there isn’t one simple solution for why one person has pain and others with similar lifestyles do not. Chiropractic, in general, does a great job at achieving instant results (relief within the first 24hrs) for many patients! We are generally thrilled when our patients have rapid results, but without proper follow up, the dysfunction that caused their symptoms remains. At ChiroFamily, our goal is to not only help our Sioux Falls population gain great short-term relief, but to also help educate the patients on how to recognize the quality of symptoms and signs of needing to come in for a follow up. Our education portion for our ChiroFamily patients also includes tools on how you can help address the dysfunction to prolong your relief between visits. Short-term relief with proper follow ups leads to long term results. We follow the latest evidence when assigning at home exercises, giving you the most up to date regimen. In combination with proper routine chiropractic care, you will reach your goal of long-term relief. Give us a call today to schedule a free 15-minute consultation. We look forward to continuing to serve the Sioux Falls community for many years to come! To stay up to date on give aways and healthy living, follow us on our social media journey. We have various giveaways throughout the year, as well as delivering you with the information you need to stay healthy. For more information on chiropractic care, please click here: Chiropractic Care – ChiroFamily