Time of Service Fees

How It Works

ChiroFamily offers a time of service discount fee, meaning if you pay the day of your service, you get a break in the price, typically a cash fee the day you are seen. A lot of people don’t realize that their time of service fee isn’t that different than their co-payment. Your health varies over the year, and we take everything into account when thinking about a care plan that works for you. For example, if you have an injury that needs more attention, it may benefit you to use your insurance but if you’re in for routine care, you may not need an aggressive care plan and you can save those insurance visits. This means your health goals will not be determined by an insurance company telling you your plan only covers a set number of visits every year.

ChiroFamily will provide a superbill when asked for you to submit on your own to your insurance, but we cannot guarantee they will pay. We do however accept FSA/HSA. ChiroFamily will work with you and/or your family to provide the best payment options if they are needed. We have found that by practicing this way, you have more control over your optimal health potential to exceed your health goals.


We currently accept Sanford, Avera, Wellmark BCBS and Dakotacare policies. If you’re planning on using insurance, please bring your card the day of your appointment. To make sure everything is covered, day one will include a consultation and physical. If there are no contraindications to care, we will schedule you for your day two review of findings and adjustment. At this appointment we will go over your care plan and schedule you accordingly. Each care plan is specific to the patients’ presentation, and greatly weighs in the patients wants and needs in regard to the care they will receive.

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