ChiroFamily believes in getting you better faster. In addition to our adjustments we offer supplemental services that can help your body not only heal quicker, but in a more natural way to reduce inflammation and prevent further injury. Below is a list of extra therapies that can be done here at ChiroFamily. These therapies can be used when an injury is present or for general use to improve circulation, reduce muscle tension, improve range of motion and much more. All ages and various conditions (pregnancy, amputation, low back pain) can benefit from added care in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments. We do our best to match a therapy to the problem at hand with a goal of supporting the adjustment.

Muscle Scraping

This therapy uses various stainless-steel instruments to push along the skin to promote blood flow thus enhance nutrient uptake and better healing. Scraping can be done on anyone that has muscle adhesions or scar tissue buildup. Scrapping is thought to lower inflammation, provide pain relief and even increase range of motion.


is a therapeutic taping technique that microscopically lifts the skin to promote lymphatic drainage. This allows the area to reduce pain and inflammation, optimize performance, prevent injury and promote good circulation and can assist the body’s natural healing process. It can be used as injury prevention method or in a rehabilitation/chronic injury phase. At ChiroFamily we use Rock Tape. It can be applied in hundreds of ways. Taping can be beneficial for many athletes and can even be used to support a pregnant mamas belly or even for low back pain.


This is a practice where special cups are put on the skin to create a suction. This suction is an effective way to release toxins from the body. The tissue beneath the cup is drawn up and starts to swell causing increased blood flow and in turn drawing toxins to the surface away from nearby tissues towards the surface for elimination. Cupping can be used on healthy patients or those suffering from aliments.

McKenzie Method

After proper assessment targeted exercises and procedures, including repetitive movements and sustain posture will be given to the patient in order to self-manage their pain. Instructions will be clear and simple, but patient follow-through is essential. The patient is actively involved in their own care. This can minimize the number of visits to the clinic. This therapy is most commonly used for back and neck pain, but can also be applied to shoulders, hips, and knees.


This is a therapy that uses targeted pulses of pressure into the muscle/tissues of the body. Percussive stimulation relieves muscle pain, stiffness, and soreness, and increases range of motion. Other benefits of Hypervolt therapy include muscle relaxation, toxin elimination (activates lymphatic drainage), increased circulation, and improved flexibility. 

*Some therapies are an additional charge, please call the office to book a therapy session in addition to your adjustment. 


Top Rated Chiropractors in Sioux Falls

I was under Dr. Dani's care before and during my most recent pregnancy. I could feel the difference in my body's level of preparedness for labor and delivery in the pregnancy versus my two previous pregnancies. Dr. Dani was always explaining things as she went along and I felt as though she truly listened carefully to my concerns. When Dr. Dani adjusted my children, she always approached them at their comfort level and was very good at explaining to them what to do and what would happen. Excellent experience being under Dr. Dani's chiropractic care!

- Lindsay R

I have gone to Dr. Rylan several times for chiropractic adjustments. Most recently, I saw him for neck pain that was affecting me daily and limiting my ability to golf. Dr. Rylan listened to my concerns, assessed my neck, and adjusted me. I experienced relief immediately. I was able to leave the appointment pain-free and get back to the things I enjoy doing life golf! I highly recommend Dr. Rylan and Dr. Dani at ChiroFamily for all your chiropractic needs.

- Brandon B

You won't find more honest and serving doctors that have made it their mission to help their patients and community be able to function better and live life to the fullest. Dr. Dani and Dr. Rylan have the head, heart, and hands I wish every patient could be treated by. 

- Katie C

I recently visited Dr. Rylan for a neck adjustment.  While we were visiting during the appointment I mentioned a recent problem with my knee.  Dr. Rylan assessed my knee and was able to adjust it.  I didn't even know I could get my knee adjusted!!  My knee was better immediately!  Thankful for Dr. Rylan's knowledge and care he gave me!

- Beth B

There are no better chiropractors in town than the family over at ChiroFamily. Anytime I am in town I always make a stop for a quick adjustment. Last minute scheduling is never a problem, and I am always welcomed with open arms. By combining practical chiropractic training and knowledge with new and upcoming procedures and practices this is the perfect place for me!

- Mike P.

Educational, accommodating, and trustworthy. I wrote chiropractors off for close to 10 years because of a bad experience. I called Rylan with severe back pain and neck pain with low hopes of relief. He spent an hour with me educating me on what is what in the chiro world and made me feel comfortable and informed on my treatment. Versus just adjusting me and saying the. Classic “I’ll see you twice a week for 8 weeks and go from there”. Thanks again Rylan for the treatment and reinstalling my trust in chiropractic care!

- Beau C.

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